August 27, 2022 1 min read

Did you know that each eye has receives and processes information differently 

The Right eye activates the imagination (Lie) 

The left eye activates Memory (Truth)

I had no clue and now that I do the bible verse below make more sense

If your right eye makes you sin, gouge it out and throw it away! Better that you should lose one part of you than have your whole body thrown into Gei-Hinnom.- Matthew 5:29

I never understood why it specified the right eye but if your right eye activates your imagination that is also the eye that creates lustful fantasies when you look upon someone you find attractive. Interesting right I'm telling yall the bible is full of Gems. 

We will stay right here, catch you on the next blog will go deeper into imagination!

23 Above everything else, guard your heart.
for it is the source of life’s consequences.
24 Keep crooked speech out of your mouth,
banish deceit from your lips.
25 Let your eyes look straight ahead,
fix your gaze on what lies in front of you.
26 Level the path for your feet,
let all your ways be properly prepared.
27 then deviate neither right nor left.
and keep your foot far from evil.

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