About us

Our Story


Jai's Butter is made with love. The story behind it and the ingredients used is personal. My son had extremely bad eczema and all the products in stores and prescribed did not help. Lots of money was spent with little to no results produced. It was so frustrating! That is when I began to do research on natural remedies to help improve skin and needless to say Jai's Butter was created. This Butter is simply amazing it covers all skin types. We have amazing fragrances to cover everyone and we know you will Love it just as much as we do!

Our Mission

Jai's Butter is a Revolutionary all Natural whole body butter for Men, Women and Children of all ages. Our body butter is made from all natural organic ingredients that consist of Grade A Shea butter, vitamin E, aloe vera, Coconut oil. Frankincense, Essential oil blend and an olive based fragrance oil. Jai's Butter was created to provide your body with the daily nutrients it needs to stay young, vibrant, and healthy.

Our Mission is to replace all those unnecessary products of high cost in your cabinets. These Products have chemicals such as Parabens, Phthalates, and Formaldehyde just to name a few! Our skin is the largest organ; it absorbs what we put on it, which means these chemicals over time cause health problems in our body, anywhere from endocrine problems to cancer! That’s why we had to make a product that nourished your whole body rather than harm it!


Thank you for choosing Jai's Butter !

P.S. Let the Truth of Yahweh Reside in your Heart!

Matthew 5:6

“How blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness!
    for they will be filled.

"At Jai's Butter your not just a customer your Family!"