Invest in a Product your Entire Family will LOVE

we cover all the uses listed below


much, much more...

1. Hypo-allergenic
2. All Natural Organic
3. Hand Whipped (to perfection )
4. All over skin care
5. Hair and Beard
6. After shave cream
7. Cuts, Burns and bug bite soother, speeds up the healing process.
8. Dry Skin
9. Moisturizes & softens skin
10. Anti-inflammatory
11. Restores Elasticity
12. Natural SPF
13. Fades Dark Marks and scars
14. Contains Vitamin E, A, K, F ,C, D, & Group B Vitamins. folic acid, calcium, iron, and magnesium as well!
15. Lip balm
16. Soothes eczema & Psoriasis