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"Guarding Wholeness"

As we stand at the culmination of our 5-Week Reset, it's crucial to recognize that the journey doesn't end here. In Nehemiah 6, we find powerful examples of how adversaries, represented by friends and family, sought to derail the rebuilding efforts. This chapter explores essential lessons and strategies to fortify your spiritual growth and protect the newfound wholeness achieved through Jesus Christ.

Facing Opposition: The Nehemiah Principle

Nehemiah encountered external pressures and challenges as he worked towards rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. Similarly, we must anticipate opposition from external forces seeking to disrupt our spiritual progress. Learn how to discern these challenges and apply the Nehemiah Principle to maintain your course.

Discerning Deceptive Voices

In Nehemiah 6, we observe the enemy attempting to deceive through false messages and distractions. Explore the importance of discernment in identifying deceptive voices—whether from well-meaning friends or misguided family members—and learn how to stay focused on the path of spiritual growth.

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