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Jamie is all about one thing:

Healthy Hair.

Somewhere along the way we have forgotten how to take care of our crowns.

Her mission is to remind women how to love, nurture, grow and embrace your hair.

We wanted to offer a ebook to educate everyone ready to love, nurture, grow and embrace their hair.

This is the information every women needs! 


Table Of Contents

Hair 101

Parts of your Hair

What is hair made of?

Nutrition Plays a Factor

Low Porosity – High Porosity

My Porosity

Identify your Curl Pattern

Product 101

Why what is in your product matters!

Its Toxic put it Down!

Product Detox

The Right Product will change your life!

Protective Style 101

What is it?

Do I have to use Protective Styles?

Must Have Hair Tools

Do Natural The Right Way! (e-book)

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  • PDF. 5.8MB

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