24 Karat

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Ladies, if you want to glow with radiant beauty on the daily then you’re going to absolutely love our 24 Karat 3 in 1 Body, Face, and Hair Butter.

With a beautifying shimmer of sparkling gold you can apply this luxury butter on your hair and throughout your body for an eye-catching glow that dazzles anyone who looks at you.

The combination of premier organic ingredients like grade A shea butter, homegrown aloe vera, and jojoba oil provide your skin and hair a nourishing supply of vitamins that moisturize your skin and hair with a lovely soft touch.

● Made with all natural organic ingredients
● Shimmers with a beautiful gold shine
● Moisturizes your scalp and hair for a deeply soft touch
● Use lightly to sculpt your contours

Shine with gold beauty in our 24 Karat 3 in 1 Body, Face, and Hair Butter and order yours online today!

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