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Spiritual Warfare Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

We come to you humbled asking that with the power of the holy spirit in the name of your son Yahusha the messiah to Use our authority to bind up and loose any spirit in or around ___________ hindering there spiritual growth and causing continuous oppression in there life. To open there spiritual eyes Yah so that they can see the wickedness holding claim to their life reminding them that no weapon formed against them shall prosper that if they yield to you YAH and Resist the devil, that satan and his evil forces will have to flee. YAH allow them to walk in there authority as your soldier to expose the darkness and bring forth the light and truth of your word. We rebuke any word curses spoken on them, binding and loosing the spiritual wickedness attached to those word curses from there mind and life. We bind up and loose The spirit of rejection, manipulation, jezebel, ahab, anger and any other spirit that came with them has to go in the mighty name of YAHUSHA amen.

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