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My name is Jamie Radiance Moorehead

I am a woman on a mission!

Being a believer in Yahusha, mother, product creator (Jai's Butter), Entrepreneur, community activist/ event planner, stylist and a & Life Coach.

God has allowed me to be a part of several industries to bring his love, truth and excellence.

Restoring Mind, Body and Spirit!

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Jamie Moorehead, Owner and Royce Massengill,jr. Model
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Maddie, TN

This is the shit

Pardon my french, but the title says it all.

This literally changed my curls.

I went from dry damaged and frizzy hair to hydrated &healthy after

2 months...

– Maddie on

 Natural Flax Seed Curl Elixir

Dezeray, TN



I bought this product for my daughter. She has really dry hair that doesn’t hold any moisture. Any time I fix her hair up or finish washing her hair, I use the oil in her hair. It does the job, it smells great and leaves her hair with a smooth texture and shine to it. It has done wonders in her hair so I decided I’d try it on myself. I use it after I wash my own hair as well and it leaves it so soft. By far my favorite product!

-Dezeray on 

Liquid Gold Natural Hair Growth Oil

Rikita, TN


Since I have been using the products, the leave-in conditioner and Jai’s Butter, has done wonders to my hair and skin. When I first started, it took me a minute to really listen and take heed to what Jaime was telling me (it’s called HARD-HEADEDNESS). After me damaging my hair by putting perms and color in my hair, and got in this program, it has changed my life. Like, I can tell my hair is healthier and happier than it’s ever and I do mean EVER BEEN!!! Jaime has brought my hair from a mighty long way. Well, Jai’s Butter is helped my scalp, my hair, and my skin. I love, love, love(do you hear me) love the LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER. Something in that conditioner makes my scalp say (yes girl that conditioner was calling you name). The Liquid Oil brings life to my hair and it also smells good. When I use the products people ask my what kind of perfume I have on, I say it’s all about Jai’s products! I am so proud to say I AM A JAI’S GIRL!!!

- Rikita On 

Pure Radiance Whole Body Butter & Liquid Gold

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