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Welcome Beautiful People!

My name is Jamie Radiance Moorehead aka Jai's Butter

Where I am the visionary behind a brand that transcends mere products – it's a lifestyle.

At Jai's Butter, we've woven a purpose into our very existence, dedicated to nurturing the mind, body, and spirit the Jesus way.

Immerse yourself in a holistic journey as we embark on a mission to revitalize minds through education, invigorate bodies with premium biblically formulated products, share essential nutrition and workout tips, and uplift spirits through our transformative Christian life coaching program.

Join us on this transformative path to total well-being – it's more than a product; it's a lifestyle.

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Cream Tropical Aesthetic Scented Candle
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Maddie, TN

This is the shit

Pardon my french, but the title says it all.

This literally changed my curls.

I went from dry damaged and frizzy hair to hydrated &healthy after

2 months...

– Maddie on

 Natural Flax Seed Curl Elixir

Dezeray, TN



I bought this product for my daughter. She has really dry hair that doesn’t hold any moisture. Any time I fix her hair up or finish washing her hair, I use the oil in her hair. It does the job, it smells great and leaves her hair with a smooth texture and shine to it. It has done wonders in her hair so I decided I’d try it on myself. I use it after I wash my own hair as well and it leaves it so soft. By far my favorite product!

-Dezeray on 

Liquid Gold Natural Hair Growth Oil

Rikita, TN


Since I have been using the products, the leave-in conditioner and Jai’s Butter, has done wonders to my hair and skin. When I first started, it took me a minute to really listen and take heed to what Jaime was telling me (it’s called HARD-HEADEDNESS). After me damaging my hair by putting perms and color in my hair, and got in this program, it has changed my life. Like, I can tell my hair is healthier and happier than it’s ever and I do mean EVER BEEN!!! Jaime has brought my hair from a mighty long way. Well, Jai’s Butter is helped my scalp, my hair, and my skin. I love, love, love(do you hear me) love the LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER. Something in that conditioner makes my scalp say (yes girl that conditioner was calling you name). The Liquid Oil brings life to my hair and it also smells good. When I use the products people ask my what kind of perfume I have on, I say it’s all about Jai’s products! I am so proud to say I AM A JAI’S GIRL!!!

- Rikita On 

Pure Radiance Whole Body Butter & Liquid Gold

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